The Calmer Canine Cooperative

Sadly, Dog Listening is not the most well known method in the world of dogs out there...

Happily, there are loads of us want to do something about that!  

I am always delighted to associate with other Dog Listeners, all previously trained by Jan Fennell and Tony Knight.  We call ourselves the The Calmer Canine Co-operative and we host a very well used public service Facebook group and a YouTube channel.  These platforms are run completely in our spare time simply to get the dog listening method out there because it changed our lives and we want as many people to discover it as possible.  

Should you prefer to talk to a Dog Listener more local to you, below is the list of these wonderful people!  If you are a DL yourself and are interested in becoming part of the cooperative, just give me a shout and let’s have a chat.

Kate Atkins, Herts, UK

Sarah Greef, Highlands, Scotland, UK

Collum Scriven, Paisley, Scotland, UK

Julie Cluley, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

Nigel Reed, South of England, UK

Rebecca Warner Trono, Vermont, USA
Tranquil Dogs Consulting Facebook Page


Phil Klein, Connecticut, USA

Madeleine Petterson, Sweden

Saskia Auf Dem Brinke, The Netherland

Ingrid Vanthienen, Belgium, contact via Facebook
Ingrid Vanthienen Facebook

Tony Knight, Australia/France


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