Reiki Club

“The Secret Art of Inviting Happiness” 

– Mikao Usui

Any of my Reiki & Animal Reiki students are warmly welcomed to join Reiki Club.

Reiki Club is a monthly meet up via Zoom where we continue our interest and study into the magical world of Reiki.  There is always an emphasis on our animals and half of the monthly fee is given directly to animals in shelter.  

We learn, we share and we give to animal charities!

Each month we practice meditating together and there is always plenty of time to hear from everyone whatever stage in their Reiki journey they are at.

Reiki Club is run on the first Thursday of every month at lunchtime: 12.30 for 45mins

The monthly membership costs £10 per month.  Join up for as long as you find it useful, you can cancel easily at any time.


“Ahhhh such a great Reiki session tonight, Ali, I needed that reminder and practice of grounding this month!”

“I appreciate this hour of Reiki every month. I think it keeps me sane!!”

“Reiki Club is like mentorship for me as a beginner Reiki Practitioner”

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