A story about food aggression

2019 is my 7th year as a Dog Listener

It remains my greatest joy to help a dog in need within our busy, often crazy human world! Having been taught and trained by Jan Fennell, myself and my colleagues across the world have the utmost confidence that, medical issues aside, ALL problematic behaviour can be solved. We just need the will of the human to be better understood by their canine companion.

Below is a video demonstrating that even problems with aggression do not mean the dog is bad or that there’s something wrong with them. Dogs react to the situation that they understand, often understanding things differently to we humans (easily done – we are different species after all!). As you will see here, she reacts differently in the first situation and really beautifully to the next, when she has less perceived threats.

Pebble’s Story

Pebble had got herself into such a muddle in her previous home that she had been lashing out, biting the other dogs and humans.  That home at that time was not able to make the changes necessary for Pebble to also change so it was brave decision by them to let her go back to kennels and begin finding a home that suited her needs.  The purpose of making the video is to show that these dogs are not lost causes, and they are not bad dogs.  They are just confused canines trying to survive in the only way that makes sense to them.  And as you saw in the video, by using this method we can help them so that they do not feel the need to lash out again.

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Picture of a dog chewing a bone

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