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Ever since we brought home a 10 year old traumatised rescue Boxer, I have felt a dedication to helping dogs in rescue.  It is my pleasure to advise rescue organisations and visit and assist in shelter when I can.  This is the area where my Reiki and Behaviour Coaching mixes together as I usually get to know a troubled soul dropped at kennels by way of gentle healing Reiki treatment first.  I then commit to advising prospective families about how best to begin a beautiful relationship.

I am ready to talk to people on the verge of giving their dog into rescue due to desperation of some sort.  I do not judge – they are often struggling with many of life’s pressures.  

These telephone conversations I offer free of charge and during we can figure out if rescue is actually the next best step, or, and this is what usually happens, I can offer some advice and strategies to apply within the home to calm things down and soften the overwhelm of human AND dog.

There are also those who may have taken on a dog from shelter and are feeling a little despondent about how things are progressing… please call and let’s have a conversation and together work out how to maintain safety for the family, human and canine.  

We can then discuss what the best next steps are and whether we would be a good match to begin working together or whether I can recommend a trusted Dog Listener more local to you.

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