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I see it as a jigsaw puzzle. With each and every dog and human bringing an individual box of pieces that I love to help figure out.

The key is stabilising the scenario with a solid framework of the 4 corner pieces, building a beautiful sense of peace and calm by behaving in a way the dog understands, and then filling in the gaps relating to your individual personalities, environments and life challenges.

And, perhaps surprising to some but not to others, this can be achieved beautifully online 🖥.  Because it’s YOU I’m coaching, not the dog.  

🐾 Firstly I like to give you the information you need to be able to see things like a canine and I don’t need to see the dog for that.  

🐾 Then, it’s about you and your behaviour around the dog, your body language and the way you teach your dog… and I don’t always need to see the dog for that either!

I am delighted to be a coach to individuals, entire families (on their own screens!) and to teams working within the dog-care industry and I am confident that I can help to resolve ANY behavioural issue you might be experiencing with your dog by coaching YOU.  I will help you understand WHY your dog is doing those things and I will help you implement strategies to resolve the problems.

I am fully insured as a Canine Behavioural Therapist, and I am not afraid of the difficult cases.  All I ask for is a human who is open and motivated to do the best for the dog.  My practice and teaching of Animal Reiki marries very well with my philosophy of teaching frazzled humans how they can become closer to the natural world and more knowledgeable about the true nature of a canine… seeing the world through a dog’s eyes can be very calming and bring so much joy.  And that is what I would love to help you achieve.

📞 Give me a call if you would like to discuss your dog – I don’t charge for a chat on the phone and often will give you homework you can be getting on with which will help inform your next step.


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