The greatest teachers

The Animals

Kenny, Pebble, Bertie, Louie, Brandy II, Ozzie, Chili, George and Brian star in this mini collage of just some of the extraordinary animals I have sat with to share a healing space.  Each individual has been an important teacher for me and I love to tell their stories.

a collage of different dogs and a horse

Kathleen Prasad, founder of the Let Animals Lead® method

I began reading the books of Kathleen Prasad and was very drawn to her way of treating animals with the respect for them as equal beings and also with respect for their own innate intelligence.  I am proud to say she has been a profound teacher and mentor for me, having again completed all three levels of Usui Reiki with Kathleen,  and I even more proudly teach her Let Animals Lead® method.

A group shot of the Teachers
Six pillars of the Let Animals Lead Method

Torsten A. Lange, Reiki Academy London

My first encounter with Reiki was with the amazing Torsten Lange whose humour and compassion was a perfect fit for my entry in the Reiki world.  I experienced such life changing moments during his lessons and still do during subsequent reiki shares or workshops.  Torsten shares inspiration from his experiences in both the Western and Japanese lineages and I completed Levels 1-3 (Shoden, Okuden and a wonderful Shinpiden retreat in the Cotswolds) under his tutelage.

A group shot of the Teachers
A chart of the teachers

Jan Fennell, founder of Amichien Bonding

As part of my Reiki classes, I include bonus education specifically for working with dogs – how to put them at ease and how to stay safe.  For many years I have worked as one of Jan Fennell’s International Dog Listeners, working very often with dogs showing aggression towards people and animals, and I have spent a lot of time with rescue organisations and shelters.

Jan’s and Kathleen’s approaches marry so beautifully together in my life because they are fundamentally about respecting the animal.

I use my personal experiences and also share some of the coaching I use as a Dog Listener to ensure the students I teach know how to remain safe with dogs they do not know,  and know how to create the best conditions for dogs to benefit from this beautiful healing energy and practice.

A group shot with Jan Fennell and a horse

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