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Mindset, Energy and Wellness for Dog People!

Dogs pick up on EVERYTHING we do and everything we feel. If you would like to investigate how our mindset and energy affects our dogs, this gentle and inclusive mini course is for you. Animals are often our reason to work on ourselves and this short course makes it very simple with easy to follow techniques using breathing, meditation, aromatherapy and acupressure. No experience required, just a desire to be ones’ best selves for ones’ dogs!

Connect & Heal


“I now understand dogs so much better than I ever had before. This has shown me my obvious mistakes and I'm excited for a new chapter with dogs. I will put Dog Speaking into action to benefit the dogs, their owners, and me.”

Megan, Dog Walker

““Hi Ali, we have nearly finished module 2 - will do the last bit tonight….and WOW, already we can see the difference. It’s really quite amazing. We have some questions to discuss in the zoom! BUT we get it. THANK YOU. Sooooo much to discuss!!!”

Sophie, South West London

“We are doing some good gentle lead walking around the house and garden. He is already being much less barky off the balcony but now that I have watched module 4, I know how to deal with it when it happens again which it just did! I said thank you, I went out to support him, said good boy and walked away. He didn't bark again! Extraordinary!”

Sara, North London