Dog Behaviour for Reiki People

Do you... your dog but admit the barking/chewing/pulling/lack of recall is driving you insane?
...already meditate with your animals but worry that your dog still has separation anxiety?
...already practice Reiki or another wellness modality but want to know how best to work with dogs?
...simply want to help the dogs you work with to be at their most relaxed?

I cannot wait to share with you the most wonderful strategies from my years of work as a Dog Listener to help your dogs and those you work with be their happiest selves... I designed a course for you:

Through this course you will learn more about dogs than you ever dreamed!  What dogs really are, what their basic instincts are, and what dogs really need.  Spoiler alert – it’s always about safety and survival, and I will be sharing the ways you can impress on your dog, and those with which you work, that they are safe with you and without worry.  I will be talking about anxiety and the many ways dogs show this and how we sometimes misinterpret anxiety for happy excitement.  I want to introduce a different way of looking at dogs to you which is so enlightening and is the beginning of a deeper bond and a more relaxed and responsive dog.

Learning about the true nature of a dog means we can take all the pressure off them, allowing them to be their best selves.  We will dig into how the Let Animals Lead approach to Animal Reiki is the most beautiful tool in your Reiki toolkit and I will share with you why, as a Dog Listener for many years, I was so drawn to this approach and why I was inspired to teach it.  I will be able to give you the knowledge to show respect to the dogs you love, gain respect from them for all your decisions, and remain safe when working or volunteering with dogs you don’t yet know.

What do you get when you sign up?

  • Once a week webinar teaching for 8 weeks

  • Additional once a fortnight ‘Open Q&A’ time

  • One 30min individual session with me for your own individual circumstance

  • A downloadable certificate


  • Attendance online each week, or a good excuse and an emailed feedback on your homework!  I will only certify for this!

  • The ability to connect via Zoom and retrieve additional course materials from our membership area

  • A desire to learn and put into practice certain strategies which may feel tough for a human but are deeply reassuring for canines!

Ready to love dogs even more than you thought possible?

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We start on Wednesday 29th September at 17.30
The duration is 75mins each class for 8 weeks
The cost is £197.00