Speak Dog for Dog Walkers Programme

Welcome to Speak Dog for Dog Walkers!

A self-paced course designed for kind and caring dog professionals.

This course introduces the glorious world of canine instincts and language to help you get the most our of your dog care business! You get all the modules AND specific guidance for dog carers after each section!

Speak Dog for Dog Walkers is the right fit for you if you:

  • Work with other people’s dogs such as dog walking or grooming
  • Are really curious about the nature and instincts of this beautiful canine species
  • Want the best for the dogs in your care
  • Feel concerned that you are seeing more and more nervousness or anxiety in dogs and would love to help
  • You are looking after dogs who have problem behaviours such as picky eating habits, hyperactivity, barking, separation anxiety or aggression.

This self-paced online course is for any dog professional interested in WHY the dogs in their care are doing what they are doing and what you can do about it!

How does it work?

  • You start online and at your own pace, watching my videos and presentations and seeing videos of dogs demonstrating the key rituals by which they live their lives.
  • You are able to access the presentations and print off the action points from each module so that you can easily remember what to do… some of the strategies I recommend ask you to step away from seeing things as a human, and step towards the natural instinct of the animal who lives in your house, the dog.
  • I do not promise a quick fix. But I do promise fascinating information based on the true nature of a canine and proven strategies to help you and the dogs in your care understand each other better, creating a trusting bond and a more enjoyable time together
  • I am not a dog trainer, I’m a dog behaviour coach for people and my mission is to help you get the best out of your job by understanding canines so much deeper.

“I’ll wager that even if you THINK you know about dogs, this revelatory course will teach you several lessons you never suspected, and may even turn some of your settled notions on their head. It certainly did mine, and I’m a much better dog handler for it. Which also means the dogs I visit are calmer and happier, as I’m sure yours will be after you take this course.”

Mike, professional dog walker, Hastings

What do you get when you sign up?

  • Instant access to the 9 modules, which include educational videos, quizzes and actionable strategies for you to help your dog and yourself. I cannot wait for you to experience how learning the language of your dog will help them relax and be their happiest self. I’m also keen to share with you how we affect our dog’s behaviours… with our actions, our energy, our mindset, so look out for the modules to help with these aspects and support with staying on track. You have the ability to rewatch as much as you need to
  • Printable downloads of the slides
  • SPECIFIC GUIDANCE videos for you as a dog professional, helping you, keeping you safe and with ideas on how to communicate with the human family too!
  • Printable Action Points to help as reminders and so you can discuss the strategies with the families you work with.

Speak Dog for Dog Walkers costs £175

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A transparent paw shape on a navy blue circle used to highlight dog listening techniques on my dog training website

“Thank you so much for this. I now understand dogs so much better than I ever had before. This has shown me my obvious mistakes and I'm excited for a new chapter with dogs. I will put Dog Speaking into action to benefit the dogs, their owners, and me. I love walking dogs and would love to have my own. This will definitely give me more confidence to take on more challenging dogs to walk with for my clients and finally to get my own. I absolutely love it!! Thank you.”

Megan, Dog Walker

A transparent paw shape on a navy blue circle used to highlight dog listening techniques on my dog training website

“Hi Ali, we have nearly finished module 2 - will do the last bit tonight….and WOW, already we can see the difference. It’s really quite amazing. We have some questions to discuss in the zoom! BUT we get it. THANK YOU. Sooooo much to discuss!!!”

Sophie, South West London

A transparent paw shape on a navy blue circle used to highlight dog listening techniques on my dog training website

“We are doing some good gentle lead walking around the house and garden. He is already being much less barky off the balcony but now that I have watched module 4, I know how to deal with it when it happens again which it just did! I said thank you, I went out to support him, said good boy and walked away. He didn't bark again! Extraordinary!”

Sara, North London

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