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Hello, I’m Ali and I’m really glad you’ve found your way to my website

I wonder who has brought you here? 

It was this little heart breaker who brought me…

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I did what I had learnt to do so far with other dogs with Chili… but her smart and sensitive little self soon showed me that she needed me to learn something new… I thought I was doing ok before Chili joined my life and then I found an entirely new level of being calm, being kind and being happy. With myself and with her. 

She did it by asking me to go slower, listen more, simplify, breathe…

And now it is a joy for me to pass on what I have learnt about dog and people behaviour from Chili, from Kenny (my advanced-skills senior rescue), from Ludo (my long-term-patience-skills junior rescue), and every single other dog and dog-caring human I have had the honour of meeting since I delved into this glorious world in 2011.

What I have learned…

I’d really love to connect with you and your dogs!

The best place to connect with me is by email… is that old fashioned? Or by the contact form on this website. I do have facebook, insta and youtube but sometimes take a holiday from social media… so maybe sign up for my newsletter! That way when I have calm, kind, happy dog (and other) related things to tell you I’ll show up in your inbox. Sign up below.

Do the best you can until you know better

Then when you know better, do better.” 

Maya Angelou

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