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I have worked with the established and trusted Amichien Bonding® method since 2013 and for many years I was world-renowned Jan Fennell’s Highly Recommended Dog Listener in London.  I now live in Sussex, teaching more holistically, including meditation techniques for the benefit of the dog and it’s humans and in-person visits can be arranged within an hour’s travel.  I also arrange working sessions in London once a month.

I have been practicing this method since 2011 when my gorgeous Chili dog’s behaviour required something beyond what I already knew.  I had, like many of us, been brought up with a traditional dog training approach, where commands are trained, however positively, and the dog is expected to obey without question.  I had also fallen into the breed specific way of thinking, again due to my previous experiences and influences, and so when Chili was not recalling well in the park and getting into scrapes with other dogs, my knowledge to that point was telling me that she was too confident and a typical boisterous Boxer who was just being a bit naughty…

And then I read The Dog Listener, by Jan Fennell.

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Overnight Chili responded in a way that grabbed my attention.  The difference in my understanding of WHY she was behaving in these ways and her subsequent changes in behaviour were incredible!  So many things I was now starting to learn were almost the opposite of what I had been assuming.  It felt quite magical to see the changes that occurred in her over the next few weeks and months… but of course the changes began with me. 

The book changed my life, and when I went to train with Jan, and son Tony, was invited to be one of her recommended DLs, I knew it was going to continue to be a very important and special part of my life.  It continues to be such a huge joy for me to visit a family home where chaos is reigning, unwrap a metaphorical parcel of peace in their living room, and be able to leave it with them when I leave.

This method works for ANY dog, whatever the challenge, whether very confident, aggressive, shy, abused, fearful, because we deal with canine and the natural instincts that they ALL live by.  I coach the humans in the dog’s life to behave slightly differently at key moments in time so that they can convince their dogs their decisions are the ones to trust.  This is the crux – your dog has to not only trust that you treat him kindly, that’s the easy bit, but of utmost importance to him, he has to trust that you can keep him safe.

I would be honoured to bring that parcel of peace, with full care instructions, to your house!  For a full “Amichien Bonding” consultation we need approximately 4 hours together during which, for the most part, I will be communicating directly with the humans and indirectly with the canines.  I will be demonstrating, throughout, the body language required to put your dogs at ease, allowing you to relax and learn the basics of this essential and natural way of being with your dogs.  Once we understand how to create a peaceful environment for the dog (and us all?) there are no limits to what we can subsequently teach the dog.  Once I leave you, I commit to a full support service over phone or email so that you can check in to be reminded about something discussed or simply for moral support.

AB can resolve all problematic behaviours in dogs such as aggression, incessant barking, destructive chewing, fear, unpredictable behaviour, pulling on the lead, lack of recall, issues around food, dislike of visitors etc.

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