Well , you did it!

Congratulations on completing !

I am desperate to know how you’ve got on and what changes have occurred in your life with your dog/s.  Hopefully you’ve told me some of this anyway in the evaluation form, but if you have anything else to report back to me, you know you can do so at ali@calmkindhappy.co.uk

And remember, I am certain you have got on perfectly well with this “uncoached” course, but should there be anything you feel is not quite fitting in, or you have some remaining niggles you’d like to get my thoughts on, that offer of money off a coaching call still stands!  Some dogs see your changes and instantly respond in the way you want.  Some dogs simply need more!  And it’s for these dogs that the coaching calls are really useful.  I’ve been there, questioning myself, questioning whether I’m good enough, directing what I’m doing right and what I’m doing wrong…

So I just want to remind you that that’s what I’m good at LOL!   I’m pretty good at getting to the crux of why things aren’t quite working and then coaching you on the little tweaks to make to ensure you are giving your dog the correct information consistently so that he or she can cope so much better in life.

If you felt like a 45 minute coaching call would be useful to you, please go to this link where you will have the ability to book a session for £65 at a time that suits.  Remember, I’m always trying to make sure I am over-delivering on value for you so I continue to offer you this coupon code speakdog5 which gives you £5 off our appointment when you checkout (and you never know, some additional complimentary minutes to make sure we get it right!).  Although, don’t delay as this coupon runs out after a month.

As a another reminder, know that you can connect with me at my monthly Dog Club (https://calmkindhappy.co.uk/dog-club/), or via the Calmer Canine Cooperative facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/calmercaninescooperative).

So there we go.  I wish you many beautiful and joyful times with your dog/s.  If we don’t end up meeting, please give yourself a big pat on the back, and give your dog a kiss from me… but only if they are calm and you have called them to you first!

With warmest wishes



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